About Takara Crafts and Collectables

Who We Are

Takara Crafts and Collectables is a Sheffield based business founded in February 2016 by a partnership of an artist and an antique dealer. The two of us have been working in the academia for a few years until we decided to build a business upon our hobbies. We want to offer our customer something that they will treasure, so we name it “Takara” – The Japanese word for treasure.

Cora and Kanzashi

Being fascinated by Japanese art and culture since a teenager, Cora started practising a traditional Japanese textile art – Tsumami-zaiku, or fabric origami in layman terms. The craft of Kanzashi originated in Japan in the Edo era. It uses small, folded pieces of fabric to create various objects. It is often used for making elaborate head pieces for Geishas and is deeply connected to nature and change of seasons. Cora is now a Kanzashi artist who creates a wide range of jewellery, headpieces, and artwork with cotton fabric. If you need something vivid and exotic yet elegant and intricate, be it jewellery or decorative artwork, Cora will always have the right piece for you.

Chris and Collectables

As a volunteer and staff of The Sheffield Cat Shelter Charity Shop, Chris has gained knowledge in antiques and collectables, especially in vintage costume and fine jewellery. Chris trades vintage jewellery and small antiques. If you need high quality vintage jewellery to go with your outfit, or some vintage objects to decorate your room, Chris is the guy to go to.

What We Offer

Apart from selling vintage jewellery and Kanzashi artwork, we also offer Kanzashi workshops within the Sheffield area. Apart from our regular workshops in Sew in the City (an independent haberdashery shop), we can arrange workshops for you at your request. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Where to Find Us

Apart from selling on Etsy and on our own website, you can also find some of Cora’s work in All Good Stuff at Butcher Works, an independent gallery style gift shop in Sheffield. We often sell and showcase our work around the Sheffield area. Stay tune for updates and you will be able to meet the two and see their stock.

Virtue of the business

We consider reduce, reuse and up-cycle a serious matter in the 21st century, so we are always trying to stick to this principle in every aspect.  We try to use as little packaging as possible in postage.  If possible, we also use up-cycled fabric for our products.   We also made our own display with up-cycled cardboard(s), re-purposed glass and jewellery boxes in shops and craft fairs.