Who We Are

Takara Crafts is a designer-maker of fashion accessories and artwork made with a special traditional Japanese craft called Tsumami Zaiku. We are a Sheffield based partnership founded in 2016, owned by Christopher Leong and Cora Fung. The two of us had been working in the academia for a few years until we decided to build a business upon our hobbies. All products are designed and hand-crafted by Cora, whilst Chris is the manager of the business. All of our products are created in our local art studio.

Our Art

We take great inspirations from traditional Geisha headpieces and Japanese art. Our designs have many nature themes, featuring a large variety of flowers, as well as birds and butterflies. We bring together the traditional craft of tsumami zaiku, Japanese culture, and modern designs to create objects that appeal to the European and American audience. Our products are primarily made with fine cotton lawn and silk fabric.

What We Offer

We aim to provide high quality hand-crafted artwork and fashion accessories, including headpieces, brooches, and earrings. We offer bespoke service which includes detailed consultations at the beginning of a commision, as well as regular updates on the progress, in order to create the perfect personalised product for you. Apart from bespoke items, ready-made and made-to-order products are also available. We can also arrange online workshops for you at a reasonable price per person.

Where to Find Us

Apart from selling on Etsy and on our own website, you can also find some of our products in All Good Stuff at Butcher Works, an independent gallery style gift shop in Sheffield. We often sell and showcase our work around the Sheffield area. Feel free to contact us at enquiries@takaracrafts.co.uk .

Our Mission

We are on a mission to promote the Japanese traditional craft of Tsumami Zaiku and Japanese Culture to other people by bringing Tsumami Zaiku into modern jewellery and art.