Marbled Silk Peony Headpiece


Size and Features

Handcrafted using the Tsumami-zaiku technique

Made with extra lightweight, translucent organza silk fabric

Hand-dyed to a marble pattern

Size: 7.5 cm (W) x 4 cm (Thickness)


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Marbled Silk Peony Headpiece

An exquisite and enchanting marbled silk peony headpiece, created with hand-dyed organza silk fabric of a marble pattern. The flower is made with the Tsumami-zaiku technique, and is embellished with millinery stamens.

The flower is mounted onto a silver tone comb and is suitable for full or semi up-dos. A wonderful complement for a boho style outfit or an airy, pastel colour maxi dress. Perfect for a boho/woodland wedding or a special date.

The headpiece is made with extra lightweight, translucent organza silk fabric, which was carefully cut and hand-dyed with a marble pattern. The fabric pieces were intricately folded to create delicate details, which were then assembled into the peony.

Please keep the piece dry. Do not wash. Remove dust with a clean brush.

Size and Features

Made with extra lightweight organza silk fabric

Hand-dyed to a marble pattern with gold streaks


Flower diameter ~ 7.5cm

Thickness ~ 4 cm

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About Tsumami-zaiku

Tsumami-zaiku is an artisan skill originated in the Japanese aristocracy, dating back to the late 18th century. Today, the craft is still used extensively to make exquisite floral headpieces for Maikos (apprentice Geishas). Tsumami-Zaiku is a delightful union of Japanese tradition, culture, and nature. We aim to bring this over two-century-old craft into modern fashion, so as to create distinctive, unique, and alternative headpieces.

About Takara

Takara is a British headpiece and accessory designer-maker based in Sheffield. We create beautiful, delicate and elaborate pieces for every special occasion. Our creations of distinctive designs and styles are made for women who want to show their individuality through fashion, and appreciate fine craftsmanship, originality, and quality. Not only are our pieces beautiful fashion items, each of them is a unique piece of wearable  work of art.

The magic happens in our little studio in Sheffield, where all of our pieces are meticulously handcrafted by Cora. Putting her soul into each and every piece she makes, Cora dedicates her full attention and care to her creations from start to finish. From designing to glue production, from flower-making to mounting, Cora focuses on every step along the way to create the most luxurious and exquisite piece for you. As an artist, Cora takes great inspiration from nature and creates a wide variety of flowers. Butterflies, birds, and the ocean are also her subject of interest and often appear in her work.


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