A Brief History of Tsumami Zaiku

Before I begin, I would like to express my gratitude to Miss Tomomi Yamashita from Knot Japan, who provided valuable information on the history of Tsumami-Zaiku, as well as much needed support to fellow Tsumami-Zaiku artists around the world. When I began my artistic journey of Tsumami-Zaiku in early 2016, I could not find much information about the craft. Living in the UK, I didn’t have access to lessons or textbooks, so I learnt the…

A Remaking Art Project

At the beginning of the year, we started a remaking art project of this headpiece from two years ago. We thought that it was very well made at the time.

However it is not coincided with our current style anymore , so we had decided to take it apart.

Highlights of The Tsumami Zaiku Month

To save you time to search our Instagram for all of them, we have decided to group the selection of the works in a few posts. Here is the first part of the Tsumami Zaiku Month Collection : Chrysanthemum, Butterflies, Gold Fishes and Sea Shell in Wave.

Nori Rice Glue: Make your own

Hime nori is crucial for tsumami zaiku yet difficult to find. Let me show you how to make your own hime nori for your tsumami zaiku projects.

Dainty work: Tsumami-Zaiku and Kanzashi

Today I am going to write about another type of Japanese traditional craft which I spent most of my time on making.

We are a Sheffield based collaboration business that provides Handmade Tsumami Zaiku Artwork and Period Antique Smalls.   All of our Tsumami Zaiku Artwork are made in Sheffield at our studio in Trafalgar Warehouse.