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Does anyone remember the time when we were using an ordinary mobile phone. By ordinary I mean flip phones, slip phones and Nokia 3210. Phone charms were very popular at the time and there were all sorts of designs, one of which was pom pom. And if you want to make you own, you will need a pom pom maker.


I wasn’t that interested in phone charms, but somehow my mum thought it was a good idea to give me a pom pom maker as a present when I was still a teenager. I never used it to make a phone charm and put it in a drawer soon after I received it. Anyway, recently I thought of a better way of using it. Before I show you the end product, let me show you how to make the pom poms.


First of all, put the two sides of the pom pom maker together. Wrap the maker with a piece of yarn. Do a few more layers in order to make the pom pom denser. When you have finished wrapping, close the maker and secure the clips.


After closing the maker, cut the yarn along the gap of the maker with a pair of scissors. (I still can’t spell scissors. Can you believe that?) When you finish cutting, you can already roughly see the shape of the pom pom. Get another piece of yarn, or a string if you like, wrap it round the cut yarn through the gap and secure.


Now, you can remove the maker. Shape the pom pom with a pair of scissors. Done!

So, what did I make with the pom pom maker? You might have ready know from the featured image. Here it is…


Cherries feature
Material: Acrylic yarn

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