Kanzashi Roses Reindeer Moss Bottles March 30, 2020 – Posted in: Crafts, News

Just to let you know that we are still trading as usual but shipment may be delayed as we are trying to reduce our number of post runs. We are probably looking at two weeks process time for all products ( the made to order ones will be the usual 4 weeks processing time ) .

Also, we have redecorated the bottles of roses and added reindeer moss to it. They are now available on our Etsy store in 5 colours. You can order them in the link above ☝️. If you like the more seasonal Daffodil, they are in here 👉 Kanzashi Daffodil Bottles .

By the way, did you know that reindeer moss is not a moss but actually a fungus, and that fungi are not plants? Now you do 😉