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At the beginning of the year, we started a remaking art project of this headpiece from two years ago (feels like decades ago). We thought that it was very well made at the time. However it is not coincided with our current style anymore , so we had decided to take it apart.

Remake Part 1

Initially, we downsized the large cherry blossom into these three little bunches. The plan was to make three different headpieces with these components to elevate the features and colour combination of these little bunches.

We kept the first of the three to be simple and sweet. We used one of the three little bunches to make a Cherry Blossom Comb. It is already better because it is less busy and repetitive than the original.

Remake Part 2

Then we moved onto part 2 of the remake. Firstly, we regrouped the wisteria droplets onto a single piece and they were looking great by just doing that.

Remake project part 2 was finished after a week! We brought one of the little bunches of cherry blossom, a single white swan together, the wisteria drops and some more flowers to create a New White Swan Cherry Blossom Hair Pin. The design of this hairpin has allowed more colour combinations and more delicate features to be shown.

Remake Part 3

When we moved onto part 3 of the art project, we were a little bit slow as other projects and orders suddenly caught up with us in mid February. So we had to take it a step at a time. We put the white swan with a group of Tsumami Zaiku Flowers together sideway over a curved space in this design.

Eventually, by mid-March, we have finalised the last piece of the three. We took inspiration from flower crowns and Katsuyama kanzashi to create this piece. It’s a fusion of Tsumami zaiku and Western millinery which will likely be our future direction of creating new designs.