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Over the past weeks, we had been working extra hard to prepare the new stock for All Good Stuff at Butcher Works. After a few sleepless nights, all of the pieces can now be found in the shop. As Christmas is closing by, we have also sorted out gift boxes for you and they are beautifully presented.

We have two shelves of a large selection of brooches, hair pins, and hair slides, one near the entrance and the other one inside the shop.

There are a few pieces can only be found in the shop, including:

1) A sparkling hibiscus hairpin – handcrafted with habutae silk and adorned with a cluster of rhinestones and glass beads.

2) A one-of-a-kind blue ranunculus hairpin, made with hand-dyed Japanese Habutae silk. Translucent with lots of details, this is a truly luxurious piece. Only found in All Good Stuff at Butcher Works.

Now you know that we are here for you, if you are looking for a shop to buy beautiful handcrafted Tsumami Zaiku accessories.